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Action, Sex and… Realty?

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What better way to promote and sell a multi-millon dollar, ocean side property then tie a bunch of models up and storm the army into a home?

Although a few weeks old, we’ve been sitting on talking about this to see if it would take off and go viral but appears to have not caught on. Possibly one of the most creative ways to show a house we’ve seen from a Realtor, the boys at NEO Property went over the top. Traditionally cheap and surprisingly uncreative, the majority of realtors provide virtual tours with a handy cam or turn to film school grads to give a horribly lit, poor thought out tour – this isn’t one of those.

Gmail Motion

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When Google decides to launch a new product (Gmail Motion), and spreads links all over their web properties, it’s no surprise the video promo for the launch gets almost 5 million hits in 24 hours.

Of course by now most of you know that this isn’t a real product – ah… I love April fools day – although all too often I feel the fool.

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