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Why a commercial that could have been produced for 2K is some of the best work ever…

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NY Presbyterian Hospital – Heather McNamara / Inoperable

Touching. Honest. Real. Qualities we strive for daily in our productions. When I came across this ad it caught my eye mostly because of the black and white photography and the unassuming screenshot of a little girl: Heather.

The 60 seconds that followed were amazing. It’s so simple, clean, and almost careless. This ad inspired me as a producer and a filmmaker. No flashy graphics. No driving or overly touching soundtracks. No hard-selling call to action at the end. Just simply a vulnerable 9-year-old girl sharing her struggles and she found a refuge at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

More stirring then anything was the fact that while a large team of creative minds fantastically produced this ad – with all due respect it quite possibly could have been produced for around 2K. Shows you that a reality and truth out trump flashy and contrived anyday. Simply Amazing.

The iPad 2 (and Team Coco’s Version)

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As we all know, since the launch of the iPhone 4 Apple has been putting out product videos that are all pretty much the same…

(as seen here)

BUT NOW… apple has come out with a new video preaching the gospel for why iPad2 is going to be great (and to be honest, I believe it will be) – the video can be seen here…

The problem is, with the release of the iPhone 4 video raving about how it’s changing everything. And then the development of the iPad video raving about how it’s changing everything. It’s a bit hard to believe that every single year, every product released from Apple is again, changing everything from what they’ve already changed… Conan’s caught on with this witty parody.

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