Monthly Archives: February 2011

Who are you?

It’s the simplest of questions, often at the forefront of our minds when we first meet people. Who are you?

In business, it’s not enough to know who you are and what you do, you have to be able to articulate it – it must be natural and striking. I say this because often, organizations struggle to explain who they are, what they do and why you should consider working with them. Because the work they do day in and day comes naturally to them, many people feel that they lack a story or there is a lack of interest in what they have to say – but that is in fact not true.

What is the world’s most boring job? What would you say is the most boring of industries? Let’s take industrial laundering for example – there is nothing sexy about dirty sheets and towels. But even that industry, even a cardboard factory or a match making factory or a lawyer or dentist has a story to share. To anyone looking for a company to fill their laundering, cardboard, match making, legal or dental needs is interested in their story.

Who’s interested in your story?

Of course, we know – it’s your clients and prospects. By reading this, we hope you’re interested in us. In less the 4 min, we created a corporate overview that says pretty much everything there is to say about us – give it a watch!

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