Celebrating Canada’s Leading Marketers

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Marketing Hall of Legends

Last Friday night we gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of Canada’s leading Marketers and it was a memorable event.

The Marketing Hall of Legends is one of those rare organizations that brings together and showcases the best Canada has to offer – in this case, marketers, media and agencies from across the country.  It was an awe-inspiring evening of connecting, recognition and good old-fashioned fun. 

As a proud partner of the Marketing Hall of Legends we produced all of the video content for the event and in doing so I had some great one-on-one time with each of this year’s Legends.

Being proud of the work we do, I’m eager to share it with you. But more than that, I’m gratified to be a small part of the greater picture. The MHOL is so much more than an industry event. It presents the opportunity to celebrate our homegrown talent. Our leaders. Our legends.


Lise Watier
Founder, Lise Watier Cosmétiques


Aldo Bensadoun
Founder & Executive Chairman, The ALDO Group



John E. Betts
President & CEO, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.


Bonnie Brooks
President, Hudson’s Bay Company


Ivan Fecan
CTV (Retired)



Hugh Dow
MacLaren McCann (Retired)


Jack Bensimon
President, Bensimon Byrne


David Kincaid
Founder, Managing Partner & CEO, LEVEL5 Strategy Group


Rick Padulo
Chairman & CEO, Padulo Integrated Inc.



Stéfan Danis
Chief Talent Officer & CEO, Mandrake

The Best Baby Announcement Video Ever?

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Could this be the best baby announcement video ever?

Best Baby Announcement Video Ever

I love it when creative people take the time to do something fun on their time off.

For the most part, if they’re good at it, the work that’s produced is over the top amazing as they’re not hampered by deadlines or budgets; they’re free to do their own thing and pour hours into it.

The video that follows is a bit of a slow burn but it’s worth the wait (of course, the title gives it away but it is still clever)…

Imagine getting this video from a family member and wondering what the heck it’s about?

Best Baby Announcement (Video) EVER!!!

Inspiring Video Content from Dell

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Video Content

When it comes to my work it’s hard to say what I prefer more, the entrepreneurial side of running my business or the creative side of producing video content.

Released just after Christmas, a time of year that rarely sees companies pushing out new video content, the Dell commercial “Beginnings” is the perfect balance of a simple concept, thoughtful script and unique point of view.

Dell “Beginnings”

It’s interesting to me because it’s not a play on technology, products or services… it’s a sentimental play on entrepreneurship, on working hard, on the little guy struggling to grow.

I can’t say at what point in Dell’s history they lost that little guy feeling (perhaps internally they still operate that way), but this commercial brings it all back. It shows that they were there once – right where their customers are today. Running businesses from the kitchen table, from garages and crappy little offices.

In the matter of 60 seconds this commercial not only changed the way I think about Dell as a company, aligning with my values as a business owner, but it also reminded me of what’s possible over time. We can build great businesses.

The Most Confusing Commercial Ever.

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This television commercial is literally the most confusing commercial ever.

Confusing Commercial

A few weeks ago we showed you a Horrible Video of Mike from Mike’s Golf Shop – that was funny. This is just a head scratcher.

The video below is a real commercial from a real lawyer out of the sleepy town of Sioux Falls, SD.

Now, I’ve been accused of harping on the importance of relevant messaging within a video – and nothing can prove my point better than the commercial below.

Scott Hoy

In case you’re wondering what he really said, let’s break it down for you.

Scott: “We’ve seen a series of one-car accidents recently involving rollovers and serious injuries to passengers.”

Okay, I’m on board so far. This really must be a serious issue to create a PSA about it. Go on Scott, you have my attention.

Scott: “I don’t know if it’s video games or what, but it’s so unfair to, after something like this, to blame people in the backseat or say they deserved it.”

Hmmmm… Okay? Wait, is this the fault of video games or the victims?

Scott: “I don’t like consoling these parents about what’s happened, but I’ll do it until it stops.”

Until what stops? Blaming the victims, the video games, the one-car accidents? Just what will you continue to do?

Scott: “Will you please stop? I’m Scott Hoy.”

Stop what?

The Scott Hoy Meme

Of course, the good people of the internet (well, actually it is only one guy on YouTube) have flocked to Mr. Hoy like a bird to water.

Gangnam Style Please Stop, Scott Hoy

The Fox Please Stop, I’m Scott Hoy

Harlem Shake please stop, I’m Scott Hoy

What do you think? Tweet us @PhantaMedia if you know of a more confusing commercial.

McLaren’s Branded Content is Simply Stunning.

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Branded Content

Is it the stunning aerial shots of a tree-topped landscape? Is it the beautifully composed angles of an empty racetrack? Or perhaps it’s promise of seeing one of the world’s fastest cars being pushed around what’s arguably one of the worlds most challenging tracks?

Whatever it may be, the latest piece of branded content from McLaren is simply stunning. There’s no other word to describe the video that has left me transfixed on multiple viewings.

McLaren P1™ vs. the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

And the strange thing is, while I can see that tremendous care was taken to produce the video, it’s a pretty simple production from the technical side.

A simple production?

You see…

The aerial shots simply require putting the budget forward to rent the right equipment.

The static shots of the track simply require a talented cinematographer and a considerable amount of time.

The shots of the car being prepped simply require access and the co-operation of the crew.

And the driving shots simply require well-planned shots at key points on the track and rigged cameras.

That’s it… from a technical production point of view it’s really very simple.

What’s not simple is having the thoughtful foresight to bring it all together. The experience to anticipate what is needed. The vision to see each component as a piece to the puzzle that will ultimately come together to create a stunning video.

What’s the take away?

For local Marketers, I think it’s important to note that you don’t have to have one of the world’s fastest cars or have rented one of the world’s most challenging racetracks.

You could be in professional services, manufacturing or IT – it doesn’t really matter how visually “boring” you think your environment may be…

What matters is how you look at your work.

Let’s look at the breakdown of the McLaren video again:

They put budget towards renting the right equipment (the aerial shots really do add that special element but the video could have been created without them).

They allowed for the time needed to capture the right shots, the right way.

They had access to, and the co-operation of, the right people.

That’s the secret to a fantastic production. It’s not complicated creative. It’s not a hundred thousand dollar budget. It’s these simple elements.

Time & access.

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